Cleaning Service

Carpet Cleaning/ End Of Lease Carpet Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning the carpets is one of the best cleaning method among all. We provide Carpet steam cleaning service with competitive price and excellent quality. Keeping professionally cleaned carpets will give longer life to carpets and save your money. Our Carpet steam cleaning machines removes dirt, sand and soiling from the carpet. We first vacuum the carpet, then identify the carpet fibre, pre spray the carpet cleaning product, then steam cleaned the carpet. We deal with all type of carpet fibers. E.g Nylon, Wool, Poly Propylene, acrylic and all type of blends.

If you have kids or elderly person in the house, the carpet should be clean on every 6 months of intervals. Our Industrial Hot water extraction machines are built up with heavy vacuums which help the carpet to be dry quicker. Our Carpet cleaning process also involves sanitising and anti bacterial treatment too.

Carpet cleaning cannot be done without proper knowledge of fibres from which is made up. Our team is well trained and certified for performing this job. We provide the service to Domestic and commercial sector of Melbourne.

Sofa Cleaning/Upholstery Cleaning/Chair steam cleaning

We steam cleaning all type fabric sofa and upholstery. It is the same machine we use for carpet steam cleaning. We use different tool and cleaning products as per the requirement of the fabric material. We scotchgard the sofa too. It prevents fading from sunlight and maintains its original feel and lusture. Scotchgard increases life of the fabric.

Rug Cleaning

We clean all type of Rugs and mats. Our state of art steam cleaning machines gives absolute new feel and life to the rugs and mats. Rugs and mats prevents the wear and tear to your house floor boards or carpets. We us the steam cleaning machine for rug cleaning.

Car Seat Steam Cleaning/Car Interior Steam Cleaning

We come to your place to steam clean the car seats and other interior parts of the car ,which can be steam cleaned. First of all we vacuum the car interior and then we pre spray the cleaning products and then we steam clean the seats, carpet and boot carpet too. The average time to steam clean one car interior is approx 1 hour. Normally it gets dry in 2 to 3 hrs.

Cars needs to be steam cleaned because we bring dust and dirt from our shoes , from our pets, our kids food and belongings. Sometimes this causes the fungal and mold in the car which not good sign for healthy life. Every spillage should be treated as fast as possible to prevent the bacteria and fungies to be spread In the car. Our Cleaning process includes the sanitising of the car seat seats and deodorising the car interior

Water Damaged Carpet Cleaning/Flood Damaged Carpet Cleaning

We provide all type of the situation whether it is washing machine leak, bathroom tap leak, storm water flood or any other type of water flooding to carpet. Cleantoshine carpet cleaners are well experienced with water damaged carpet cleaning. Flood damaged carpet should be treated as soon as possible to prevent any further damage to carpet and to prevent mold and other bacteria. We carry hi speed air blowers which helps carpets to quickly dry.